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He Asked.. and I Said Yes! - The Filce Family

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He Asked.. and I Said Yes!

Something changed in our relationship the day we moved in together. Something just kinda clicked, and a voice inside my head said “This is it.. this is the start of forever.” Since that day, there hasn’t been a doubt in my mind that Sam and I would be together forever.
And now it’s official.. I can say I’m gonna be the future Mrs Filce! I’m so excited!! There really is so much to do, but for now, all I really wanna do is enjoy these happy moments of being a newly engaged couple. We’re absolutely over the moon!!

We’d like to thank everyone who has sent cards and messages of congratulations. It truly means the world to us that we have such amazing people around us to celebrate this special time in our lives with. Since becoming engaged, it’s been so busy, as we’ve been celebrating lots with family and friends. It’s taken me a little while to get over the shock. I always wondered how I’d react when this happened but I just couldn’t predict how I’d feel. It’s all quite overwhelming, so we’ve tried to take a few moments out where it’s just been us, to take everything in, pause all the craziness and just enjoy some happy, private moments together.

So the main question I’ve been asked is to share details of how Sam proposed. I’ve made a post dedicated to our proposal story, which can be viewed here.

Other questions have been about the ring, but in true gentleman style, Sam hasn’t and will not disclose any information about the ring, and I completely respect that. I don’t wanna know. All I know is that he’s been searching and saving for the perfect ring for a really, really long time.
He chose a heart shaped diamond because it’s classed as the ultimate symbol of romance and love. A heart shaped diamond isn’t something you see every day, and I love being that little bit different. The ring fits my personality perfectly. Everyone always thinks of me as being this girly girl full of hearts and rainbows, and he knew I’d fall in love with it. He was absolutely right. I’ve made the decision not to share any close-up photos of my engagement ring on social media just yet… I’ve had lots of people ask to see close up photos, and I will post some eventually, but for now, I wanna experience as much excitement as I can, and I plan to be showing my left hand off left, right and centre for a few weeks. I wanna have that “real life” excitement of being “just engaged”, and I wanna keep that excitment going for as long as possible. The more photos I take and make avaliable for people to see online, the less excited people will be to see it in real life, y’know what I mean?
Something else that people have been asking, was whether or not I knew it was gonna happen.
I knew that this was gonna happen from the day we made the decision to move in together. We’re in love. When you meet the person you know you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, of course you know that one day your relationship will progress to this level. I’ve been dreaming about our wedding for years. So yeah, I knew that one day this would happen… but I had no idea when exactly. To me it didn’t matter when. It was just enough knowing that he felt that way and that whether he gave me a ring or not, we’re able to share so many adventures and experiences together, and be together forever.
Did I suspect anything on the day? No. Honestly, not a thing.
He was very clever, as he managed to plan it all around something that wouldn’t be unusual for us to do on a normal day anyway… we always go out on spontaneous drives, never knowing where the car will take us. It’s not unusual for Sam to have just planned something out of the blue, tell me to get my shoes and coat on and race out of the door. He bundled me into the car and took me to the top of the country for a week, giving me only 30 minutes to pack a suitcase. I’d never say “I’m used to it” when he plans romantic surprises, but.. it’s happened a few times and he’s very, very good at it. I’ve learnt to trust him and just go with it, however anxious I may feel, he always manages to do something out of this world and surprise me every time.
And this time was no exeption. The only time I knew that something was up was when he told me that the drive we were on wasn’t spontaneous or random. I still didn’t think that day would have been the day that he popped the question, and it was a complete surprise up until the moment that I turned around and saw him down on one knee. He did very, very well.

We’ve decided that we’re host a small gathering very soon for very close family and friends to celebrate together, as our families haven’t officially met yet, so we thought having a small social gathering would be a nice opportunity to get people together, have a chat, etc. We’re not gonna think of it an “engagement party” as such, as we’re not really “party people”.. we’re more “barbecue in the garden” kinda people, so that’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll probably make it an all day thing, so people can come and go throughout the day whenever it suits them. Just a nice chilled day, a few drinks, a few burgers.. happy days. I’ll obviously decorate the house a little… any excuse for me to make the house all pretty. lol.

When people ask me “So does it feel different now that you’re engaged?” I look at them puzzled and say “Well, my hand sure feels different…” I know that people are referring to our relationship, but it’s not an easy question to answer. Being “engaged” is just a status. It’s definitely a progression in our relationship, as a promise has now officially been made.. it feels so strange when I refer to Sam as “my fiancĂ©” and things like that. The other day someone said “Congratulations to you and your husband to be…” and I was like “WHHHUUUUUT?!” lol! It felt really different when we moved in together because that was a physical change, so in some ways, sure being engaged does feel different, but it’s more of a mental change in your relationship. You’ve offically made that promise to each other, but because there’s no physical change in your relationship, it doesn’t make a huge difference to day to day life.
As we’ve literally just got engaged, we haven’t made any concrete wedding plans yet, however we’re looking to set a date sometime in the summer of 2020. I’ve made the decision to not share a lot of details about the final plans on my social media channels though, as I’d like our guests to see things on the day before the Internet does. I’m sure you’ll all understand that. I’ll be sharing everything in lots of detail afterwards.
But, I have decided to do a “Wedding Wednesday” blog series, which will include one wedding related post every fortnight, so keep a look out for that when we’re ready to begin the wedding planning process, and perhaps make a few wedding planning videos and start a wedding series on my Youtube channel. I’ll probably start it when we’ve got our heads around everything a little more and have started making some plans. It will include little bits and pieces of things we might be considering, DIY craft posts and lots of chat about how the hell I’m coping with all the craziness that comes with planning a wedding, which I’m looking forward to documenting for our future. So my blog will probably be more “wedding-centered” until it’s all over, but that’s fine, as that’s what it’s designed for… documenting my life and whatever’s happening in it. For the next two years, and probably for sometime after, I’ll be living and breathing weddings, so it’s natural for my blog to be reflecting that.
I apologise for all the upcoming “engagement spam” but.. y’know, I’m happy, and I’m gonna shout it from the rooftops. *Oh God.. I’m Monica from Friends. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!*

It’s such an exciting time for us, and I can’t wait to start this brand new adventure.
Thanks again for all the love and best wishes. The rush of love and support we’ve had from our families and friends has been amazing, and we can’t wait to share this journey with you all.
I’m off to make a cuppa tea, snuggle up and talk wedding plans with my fiancĂ©. (….Nope. Still feels weird!)

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