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Wedding Wednesday – I’m Engaged! …Now what?!

Although my blog is mainly just about me and Sam, and our life and experiences together, I thought I’d make a few helpful posts that can relate to everyone going through the wedding planning process. Us brides have all gotta stick together, and I’m gonna be learning a lot as everything’s happening and I wanna share everything I’m learning with you all!

So, here are my tips of things to do when you first get engaged!

First of all, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you! What an exciting time! Whether it’s a whirlwind romance and you haven’t been together very long, or you’ve been together a long time and you’ve been dreaming for this day for what feels like forever, it’s such a special time for you and you’re probably feeling completely overwhelmed right now and have no idea what’s going on because everything’s such a blur.
Trust me, it’s gonna be FINE. Just remember to take a second to breathe and take in all the new and exciting thoughts and feelings that come with being newly engaged.

If you’ve literally JUST got that beautiful sparkly ring on your finger, there’s a few things you’re gonna wanna do before you do anything else.

1. Call your loved ones.
Pleeeeeeeeaaaase don’t let them find out on Facebook. Something as personal and special as an announcement like that shouldn’t be shared with parents, siblings and those closest to you via social media, so wherever you are and whatever time it is, as soon as you’ve stopped screaming, crying, hyperventilating, whatever… MAKE THE CALL. Parents and siblings should hear the news first, then other close family and close friends. I’d suggest waiting a little while before you make your social media annoucements and just allow yourselves time as a couple to let the news sink in, not just with yourselves, but with your families and friends too.

2. Make sure your ring is properly sized and insured.
You DO NOT wanna risk the ring slipping off your finger if it’s too loose or making your fingers swell like balloons if it’s too tight, so make sure it’s sized properly and if the worst should happen and you do lose your ring, or it gets stolen or anything awful like that, you’ll need to be prepared, so make sure the ring is insured and protected. Don’t try to cut costs by not bothering to insure your ring. You’ll be devastated if you lose it.

3. Get a manicure!
You’re gonna be showing off your hands A LOT in the coming weeks / months, so make some time to get your nails looking beautiful. Pamper yourself, you only get engaged once! (Hopefully!)

4. Celebrate!
Make time to celebrate by spending time together both on your own and with friends and family. It’s a huge deal, y’know.. YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, then what is?

5. Vaguely think about a time that you wanna get married.
Whether it’s a specific season, month or year, one of the first questions people will ask you is when you’re thinking of getting married. Rather than stumble upon an answer or have to tell people that you haven’t thought about it yet, try to come up with a vague answer, for example “Well we were thinking sometime in the spring next year” or “Well we’d like to get married on our anniversary but it won’t be for a couple of years yet.” Just because people will appreciate an actual answer, and any information they have will be like a mental note to “save the date” before receiving the actual “save the date” y’know?

6. Dream, Pin and collect ideas
There’s usually two types of brides. The brides that have all the ideas and have everything planned already, and those that have never really thought of the details of getting married, haven’t really been too fussed and have no idea where to start.
It’s great if you already know what you want, as that’ll make your life A LOT easier when it comes to making concerete plans and big decisions, but if you’re one of those brides that hasn’t given it too much thought, don’t sweat it BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR TIME! Go wedding crazy and start collecting bridal magazines, read wedding blogs, create some Pinterest boards for inspiration and daydream all you like about the perfect day.. don’t worry so much at the moment about budgets and being realistic, just get a sense of the kinda theme and day that you wanna have, and worry about the realistic stuff later.

7. Begin planning
There’s a lot to do so once you have the vision of what you want your day to look like, it’s time to start bringing things into a reality. That’s where you’ll have to let go of some of the daydreams that you had before, and try and find ways that you can still have those dreams, but on a realistic budget. So much these days can be achieved at a lower cost, and getting married doesn’t have to break the bank, so figure out your budget, research and shop around, looking at all your options, and you’ll see your wedding day come together piece by piece.

8. Start Saving
Yep… weddings are insanely expensive, even if you want a small wedding, you’ve gotta be prepared to spend a lot of money. It seems that if you put the word “wedding” infront of anything, the cost of something doubles or sometimes even triples, so bear that in mind.

9. Consider your guest list
A lot of venues offer packages, so you can have a package for 60 guests, 80 guests, 100 guests and so on, so it’ll be a good idea to work out a rough guest list before you go looking at venues, so that you can get a realistic quote and look further into packages that will suit you and your wedding.

10. Take some time together
It’s really easy to get so caught up in the early stages of wedding planning that you forget to just chill out and take some time. You’ve gotta remember that your fiancé who has just proposed has just had A LOT on his mind, and may want some chill-time before helping to plan the next part of your lives together, so don’t forget that you’re still a couple, you’re still in love and no matter what happens in the next few months with all the stresses of planning, your relationship must always come first. Go out for dinner, have a spa day, see a movie, go ice skating.. and try not to talk about or even think about wedding planning for just a little while. Try to enjoy being that head-over-heels newly engaged couple.

So there it is, that’s my top 10 “to do” list if you’ve just got engaged. I’m no expert, I’m just winging it like everyone else, but hopefully if you found this useful in any way, you can comment about your experiences below and follow me through mine, and I’ll follow you and we can make it through this wedding planning journey together… and talk each other out of it when we’re thinking of running away to elope! 😉 

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  1. Justine 21st September 2018

    Our engagement was bittersweet as my husband had lost his mum a couple weeks before.
    I was proposed to on my birthday and any outlandish celebrations seemed inappropriate.
    I told my parents and my sister straight after I said yes and they were all very excited.
    My only regret with the wedding planning is that I wished I didn’t take a “year off” of wedding planning and just bought invitations instead of making them as that just took too much time,energy and enthusiasm.
    3 weeks married and still surviving lol

    • penny 25th September 2018 — Post author

      Thankyou for your comment Justine!
      Oh no, that’s awful. I’m so sorry. Thankyou for sharing your experiences. 🙂 I’m gonna be attempting a few DIY projects myself, however I’m hoping that because we have time on our side, that it won’t become too stressful.
      Congratulations on the wedding, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

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