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Wedding Wednesday - We Set Our Date! - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – We Set Our Date!

Choosing our date was actually easier than I imagined it would be. We knew we wanted to have a summer wedding, and we knew that because we wanted a specific venue, vendors and things like that, it would be best to choose a date in 2020 rather than attempt to get everything done in a rush for next year. Plus it gives us more time to save, which.. believe me, is bloody handy. Haha.
We settled on a date quite quickly, and contacted the main vendors that we were 100% sure that we wanted to book with within the first couple of weeks of choosing the date, and locked them in with deposits. We were very lucky to get the majority of the vendors that we wanted, and we’re still on the lookout for a few others.
We wanted to get everything locked in place as quickly as possible so that our date would be secured and we could get the ball rolling, as I know how quickly things can book up.
We’re feeling really good about the date that we’ve chosen. We always knew we wanted a summer wedding, as we just have this vision of our guests standing outside with a drink, having a chat together, enjoying a summer evening.
It gives us lovely photo opportunities at sunset, and no-one will be freezing their nuts off if they wanna go outside for a cigarette / cigar / vape.
Everything feels a little bit more real now, as we have an official date to count down to, and I’m actually surprising myself with how calm I am. The only thing that has stressed me a little (nothing major or anything like that..) is how long you have to wait to receive responses from vendors you’re waiting to book with. Normally, I’d be a little more patient and understanding, as I too run my own businesses, and I understand how busy people can be.. but.. when you have a huge list of things you need to book and pay for, you don’t have time to waste waiting for everyone else to get their skates on. The amount of people I’m having to chase up at the moment is ridiculous. I of course understand that people are busy, and that’s fine. But when you’re planning a wedding and you’re on a timeframe to secure things for the date you need, it really doesn’t help when businesses don’t respond to a simple question. Even if it’s just an acknowledgement of your inquiry, and reassurance that they will get back to you soon, that’s fine. I’m more than happy to contact different vendors if they’re unavailable or whatever.. but it does help to know. I think it’s kinda rude.. and there’s no excuse for rudeness in my opinion.
But if they don’t care, then I don’t care, and I’ll contact someone else. Luckily we have enough time to contact different vendors and find other places that can offer what we want for our wedding. You snooze, you lose at the end of the day.
Have you guessed that I’m a bit of a “no-nonsense” bride? lol.. I just don’t have time for this crap. There’s so much to do and I’m not gonna waste my energy on silly little things like that. If they’re not bothered, then I’m not bothered. Simple as.
On a more positive note, as we have now set our date, we have also sent out our “Save The Dates”. I contacted a friend of mine who I’ve known for years and asked if he’d be happy to draw us up some custom artwork for an idea that I had for them, which he has sent to me and it looks BLOODY FANTASTIC! Special shout out to Charlie over at Little Images! Cheers dude, you rock!!!

They’re being sent out this week, so hopefully our guests will see them soon. We’re so happy with them, and hope our guests like them as much as we do.
I know it’s a little early to send out the “Save The Dates” for a Summer 2020 wedding, but some of our closest family like to go away on holiday a lot and you never know when they’re gonna decide to just pop off somewhere, so we figured that if we know the date, we might as well give everyone as much of a heads-up as we can to ensure they don’t decide to “pop off somewhere” the week of our wedding. Haha. Just makes sense.
So yeah, it’s definitely all happening. I’m finding that I’m wedding planning before work, after work and in my sleep. As much as you don’t like the idea that it takes over your life, it actually does. All I can talk about at the moment is the wedding, and I hate that, as I know that I’m probably getting on everyone’s nerves. …I’m even getting on my own nerves with it to be honest. But it’s hard to talk about anything else because it’s literally all I seem to be doing right now.
Although, in saying that.. Sam and I have spent some nice evenings together away from planning. We’ve agreed that neither of us would mention the “W” word, and if we do, we have to do a forfeit of some kind. (Order the pizza, make the bed, do the washing up, etc) it’s quite fun being playfully competitive, and it also keeps us in check, as we (well, I especially) have been quite caught up in all the wedding stuff over the last couple of weeks.. and, y’know, you’ve gotta make time for your relationship and have fun together too, so we’ve been going to the cinema, seeing friends, going out for the day, playing monopoly, etc.. just so we don’t end up going bonkers. It’s actually helped a lot, and I find that we’re being more productive and getting more done when we focus purely on wedding planning stuff rather than every evening just having a half-arsed brief conversation about something to do with the wedding, then leading into another conversation without actually making any real decisions, so yeah, having a break away from it all sometimes works better for us.
It’s really lovely to see our wedding come together little by little. Now that the date, venue and some of the main vendors have been booked, you get a sense of how the day is gonna look, and how things are gonna run. It’s really exciting, and as we continue to research and look into things, I just know that our wedding day is gonna be so perfect for us. I can’t wait!

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