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Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Q+A - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Engagement Q+A

This week on Wedding Wednesday, I thought it’d be nice to do a quick engagement / wedding planning Q+A. We’ve been engaged around 6 weeks now, and it’s been such a whirlwind. We haven’t really had a moment to ourselves to relax and chill out yet, so now that we’ve made some of the biggest decisions about our big day and have booked some of the major vendors, we’re starting to slowly get everything back to normal. (well, as normal as you can get while wedding planning… Hahaha..) So I asked you guys to inbox me some engagement / wedding planning questions to answer while I drink my morning coffee and catch up with some wedding e-mails.

Questions for Penny

How did Sam propose?
All my regular readers will already know the story of how Sam proposed, and if you don’t, you can read the full story here… (and please do read it, because it’s such a beautiful story!) but in a nutshell, Sam took me to a national park in Suffolk, which is actually a registered darkzone to stargaze. We set the camera up to take a photo that I wanted of us looking up at the stars. Sam went backwards and forwards to change the camera settings. I was looking up at the stars and I sensed movement behind me, and when I turned around, Sam was down on one knee, lit by only the moon and stars, holding a beautiful ring. It really was spectacular, and it’s a story that will make my heart skip a beat every time I tell it, for the rest of my life.

What was your initial reaction when Sam proposed?
Hahaha… aw, I was shouting, screaming, swearing, jumping and running around the park. It was 1am, but luckily for us, we were totally and completely alone, so it didn’t matter. I was just going totally insane for about half an hour.. I just kept repeating “Oh my God!” and just kept swearing. lol!

Who did you tell first? How did your families react?
Well, the very first person to know was actually my younger brother Ricky, as he was on a night shift, so was awake when we were on the way home at like 2am. He was so, so happy for us, and I think quite honoured to be the first to know. Haha… we woke up the next morning and called Sam’s dad (as he had already left for work.) then saw my parents, Steph and Iain, Sam’s mum, Sam’s sister, brother and the kids and then called / text the rest of our immediate family.
And then we made it “Facebook official” by posting a little announcement on social media.
Our families were absolutely over the moon. I think my niece Stephanie had the best reaction… She just screamed “I f*****g knew it!! Get outta the f***** car!” and ran out into the road, opened the car door, dragged me out and gave me the biggest cuddle ever. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and will treasure forever.

Did you know that it was coming?
No. I honestly had no idea at all until I turned around and saw him down on one knee with the ring. He had it with him the whole day, in his jacket pocket, and I had absolutely no clue whatsoever. He has since told me that I almost messed it up for him, as he was holding the box when we were taking another photo of the stars, as he was getting ready to do it, but luckily I was so mesmerised by the stars that I didn’t even notice. Pahahahaha!

Can we see your engagement ring?
I wanted to keep photos of my engagement ring completely off of social media until I had a chance to see all my family and close friends in real life, as I really wanted to enjoy the excitement of showing off my left hand and having all the real life excitement for as long as possible. I’m still so excited by it all, and I’m truly obsessed with my engagement ring. I’m so in love with it, and always find myself looking down at my hand and watching it sparkle in the sun. It’s just perfect.

Questions for Sam

How did you know the ring you chose was the right one?
I had been searching for the perfect ring for Penny for such a long time. It’s all about knowing your partner I guess. I already had a picture in my head of what I wanted the ring to look like. I think it fits Penny’s personality perfectly, and I knew she’d fall in love with it.

How did you figure out Penny’s ring size?
Penny has a Claddagh ring that she wears on the ring finger of her right hand. She often takes it off when her hands become warm as it’s a little small but she refuses to take it in to get it resized. So I waited until she removed it and when she went to work, I took it to get it sized at a local jewelers. I put it back before her shift at work ended, so she never even knew it was gone, and I got her engagement ring in the next size up. Luckily, the ring was a perfect fit.

Did you have a plan in your head for the proposal?
Yeah. The night sky has always been something that’s very special within our relationship, so I always knew that the sky would play a part in my proposal somehow. It was just about finding the right moment and the darkest sky to see as many stars as possible.

How did you know it was the right time to propose?
It just felt right. …When you know, you know.

Did you tell anyone at all before you proposed?
No. No-one at all. There was a few reasons I didn’t.. mainly because I wouldn’t have wanted Penny to even suspect anything, and also, if the cloud cover was worse, it would have been “abort mission” on the whole thing. When you’re working with the elements, everything can be so unpredictable. I wanted us to be totally alone, so it was very intimate and private. I wanted Penny to be able to share the news with everyone herself. 

Questions for you both

What part of the wedding planning process are you most / least looking forward to?
Penny: I love the cute little details, and I can’t wait to see everything come together. I think the thing I’m least looking forward to is spending lots of money. Haha.
Sam: Cake tasting is awesome. Also, the stag do.. of course. 😀 Ummm.. I’m not looking forward to the first dance, as I don’t dance.

Have you picked your theme / colours?
Yes, and yes. 😉

Will you share your theme / colours with us?
No, and no. 😉 lol.. not yet. Keep reading, perhaps we’ll share something in a week or two.

What’s your wedding budget?
LOL. Too much.

Where are you getting married?
We’re keeping the details of our wedding (date and venue) private for now. When you share a lot of your life online, you have to be really careful what you post so publicly.. because, y’know.. you never know who’s reading. Our guests have received Save The Dates with our wedding website address and password, so all the information will be on there for our guests to see. 🙂

Where did you find all your vendors?
We already had a really good idea of the kinda things we wanted from our day, so it was really just a case of shopping around to get prices and availability of the kinda things we were looking for. We recently went to The National Wedding Show in Birmingham to get some ideas, but we’d already considered a lot of the options that were there. We really just went there to see if there was anything there that we hadn’t already thought of.. but there wasn’t. Haha.

Will you be having an engagement photoshoot?
As we’re photographers, photos are obviously very important to us, and we’ll definitely be taking some pretty pictures together at some point. We have a few ideas for different kinda shots / locations / etc but it’s really just a case of getting some time off together at some point and making it happen.

Will you be writing your own vows?
Yeah, we think it’ll add a nice, personal touch to the ceremony.
Sam keeps threatening me with doing what Chandler wanted to do to Monica in Friends – he wants to steal mine and change the name. …No way will he be going first!

Have you picked music like your bridal entrance, first dance, last dance, etc?
Yep. Music is a huge deal to us, as we met at a bar / club, so we’ve already booked our DJ and have asked if they can customise a playlist of our kinda music to play on our day. I’ve actually had my bridal entrance music custom made and recorded for me, which will be another personal touch.

What other details have you already chosen?
Everything. Haha. Literally everything. We have a very detailed vision of how our day is gonna look, including the smallest of pretty little details. But, we’re keeping a lot to ourselves about the whole thing, which is really hard but.. if everyone’s already seen everything we’re doing, it takes the surprise out of it, so we’re being quite careful what we share with people. Maybe there will be a few sneak-peeks coming up soon.. maybe. Haha. Keep reading!

Will you be doing a first look?
Probably not, no. Sam went to such lengths to make sure I was totally and completely surprised when he proposed, and I had absolutely no idea what was happening until it was actually happening. I think I’d like to be able to surprise him the same kinda way and have him see me for the first time while I’m walking down the aisle.

What are you most looking forward to about married life?
Penny: Just knowing that no matter what happens or where life takes us, we’ll be by each other’s side and fighting all our battles together.
Sam: The honeymoon. 😉

When are you planning on having babies?
Well, my implant is now out, however we’ve decided to put baby-making on hold until after we’re married. If it happened before, we’d obviously be over the moon, but we’ll officially start trying once we’re married.

So that’s pretty much the main questions that people have been asking recently. I may do another wedding planning Q&A soon.. but it’s really difficult to answer questions when you really wanna share everything with everyone, but you also wanna keep everything you’re doing a secret. Haha.
I’ll be back with another post next Wednesday, and *hopefully* will be able to share details of how we asked our closest friends / family to be part of our wedding party! All exciting stuff ahead!


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