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Wedding Wednesday - Asking Our Wedding Party - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Asking Our Wedding Party

Sam had his turn of proposing, so now it’s my turn. One of the most exciting stages in the early wedding planning process is to decide who you wanna be there with you when you’re walking down the aisle and marrying the love of your life. Every bride needs their girls with them for love, support (and for me, to make me laugh and stop me bawling my eyes out, no doubt…)
Being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment, and the job will probably end up giving them their own stresses and worries, as part of their job is to make sure the bride is happy and that everything runs smoothly for the bride on the day.
I knew straight away who I’d ask to be my bridesmaids. As much as I would have liked a few more friends/family to join me up there, and I could have easily had turned 4 bridesmaids into 6 or even 8, but I chose to only have 4 as I’ve learnt from my friends experiences when they’ve had a larger amount of bridesmaids, planning becomes more difficult and stressful, (not to mention bloody expensive!) and I’m trying to make the whole wedding planning process as calm and as less stressful as possible for everyone.
So I’ve chosen to stick with 4 of the most amazing girls in my life, that have always been by my side, who have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and will have my back no matter what.
I wanted to give them each a little gift to ask them to be my bridesmaid, and I looked at loads of different ways to do it, and thought about lots of different gifts I could give them.
I couldn’t choose in the end, so I ended up making them a gift box of little goodies for each of them.
I’ll be doing a DIY blog post / perhaps a video all about what I put into the boxes, where everything came from and how I put it all together in another blog post, but this is a sneaky peek of the finished boxes.
Now would be a good time to offically share our wedding colours… we have chosen light pink and light blue. 


Haha.. When I mentioned about giving our best men / groomsmen a little gift to ask them to be in the wedding party, the response I got from Sam was “Why? Why are we getting them presents? They should give us presents…” 😐 …?! So, we compromised and got them a present. Haha.. only a little one though. 
Our best men / groomsmen have one thing in common – they all like a drink! So I thought that this was a cute way of asking them to be in our wedding. Sometimes less is more, I find, and this simple solution worked perfectly for them.
Sam has asked his best friends Iain and Nick to be his best men, and his brother Tom and my brother Ricky to be groomsmen.

We asked our very good friends Aarron and Nicola to be our witnesses for the legal part of the ceremony, and we gave them the same boxes as we gave to the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

For the kids, we gave them each a teddy bear.
For our Flower girl Romey, my mum made a dress for the bear which will match our wedding colours, and for our ring bearer Billy, my mum made a grey waistcoat for his bear which will match the suit colours of the groomsmen.

For the two bigger Page boys, Riley and Billy, we have two bears that will match our theme (which I can’t show you yet) and for Bobby, Tommy and George, who will also be page boys, we have little bears with waistcoats, blue bows and page boy charms.

And there you have it, that’s how we asked our wedding party! My next “Wedding Wednesday” post will probably be sharing how I made my bridesmaids boxes, what I put into them, etc, and will give you guys some more ideas of how to ask your wedding party to be part of your special day. 

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