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Wedding Wednesday - How I Made My Bridesmaids Boxes - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – How I Made My Bridesmaids Boxes

As those who have been reading regularly will know, I have recently proposed to my best girls and asked them if they’d like to stand with me on the happiest day of my life. I thought it’d be nice to gift them each a box with some goodies in them, as I couldn’t choose just one gift, so they got a few.

I thought I’d share what I put in the boxes and how I put everything together, for all you brides to be out there!

I got the boxes from Card Factory in light pink and light blue, which are perfect as they’re gonna be our wedding colours.
As the boxes already suited my wedding colours, I didn’t need to do any DIY stuff like painting them or anything, which was really handy, but you can get as creative as you like. I just picked these boxes because I found the perfect colours, but not all brides will be that lucky, I’m sure, so paint or cover the boxes if neccessary if you’re the kinda person that likes everything to match. (I’m terrible for that – everything has to match. Everything.)

I put iridescent shredded paper (also from Card Factory) into the boxes first, to “fluff them out” a little and make the inside look all pretty. I added a personalised message to each of the girls to the boxes, then I began to add some presents to them.

In my bridesmaid proposal boxes, I included:

A small bottle of Lanson champagne each, with a tulle bow and a paper straw tied to them. (Pink bows for the two pink boxes, and blue bows for the two blue boxes.)

A glass that says “Bride Tribe” in gold metallic writing with some┬áLindor strawberries and cream chocolates placed inside the glass.

A scented candle.

A pink and blue rose to signify what the wedding colours will be.

A ring pop sweet.

I also included a Bridesmaid Planner as another cute little touch. I wanted them to have these little keepsakes of their time as being a bridesmaid.

Putting these boxes together was really fun and enjoyable, and I loved watching the girls open their boxes and their reactions when they saw their little gifts.

There’s so many ideas that you could use to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding party. I headed on over to Pinterest and found loads of different options.
Thanks for reading this week’s Wedding Wednesday post! I’ll be back next week with another!

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