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Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Planning Update - 12 Weeks In - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Planning Update – 12 Weeks In

As we’re almost at the 12 week mark since we got engaged, I thought it’d be a nice idea to have a catch-up about what we’ve done, what there’s still to do and just an overall summary of where we are with our wedding planning.
I received The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner as an engagement present, and it is bloody fantastic! Honestly, you’ve got everything you’ll ever need in here to plan your wedding day.
My favourite part of the wedding planner, and the part that I’ve found the most useful so far, is the checklist. I write lists for absolutely anything and everything, and being the stationary addict that I am, planning this wedding has given me another excuse to stock up on all kinds of stationary. I have more notepads than Paperchase at the moment!
The checklist begins at 12+ months to go. Back when we started wedding planning, we had 22 months to go, so we thought that we were way ahead of the game. Our plan was to chill out for a while, have our engagement party and enjoy being newly engaged before we dive straight into wedding planning, but just a quick call to the registry office soon changed our minds.
Hahaha.. yeah. When we called the registrar *just to check* to see if the date we had in mind was available, and to get a feel of how far in advance we’d need to book, the receptionist told us that booking a 2020 date was already quite popular, and she advised us that if we had a specific date in mind, that we should book in ASAP. So, we did. She told us that another slot on our date was already being held for a couple, and that dates the week before and the week after the date that we had chosen were already booked in. So, we booked it there and then. Just to be safe. We also got in touch with our reception venue and got the date held for us, then viewed it and signed the paperwork to get all that sorted. So, whatever else happened, we then had our wedding date. Just like that, all sorted within a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon.
Once you set the date, the reality sets in and you start to think “well, if it was that *touch-and-go* to set a date, how the hell do we know if we’re gonna be able to have everyone we want for specific things? The DJ, photographer, videographer, etc. So then, the race was on to contact our chosen vendors, check their availability and get everyone booked in with deposits as soon as possible. A few of the vendors that we originally wanted were already booked on our date, which gives you a realisation that this can be such a “dog-eat-dog” industry, and if you want certain things, or certain people, you have to get in really quickly. …Quicker than we did, which is worrying.
Once we done some research and found the perfect photographer and videographer for us, everything else fell into place and we were able to get everything else booked in quite quickly without any hiccups and everything else has pretty much gone according to the plan, with no stress and fuss, and have paid deposits for our venue, catering, DJ, cake, photographer, videographer and entertainment. We’ve also bought our wedding rings already (which was A LOT easier than I thought…) and I bought my dress outright and it’s sitting safe and sound at my parents’ house. I’ll have it altered closer to the time if needs be. 
Save The Dates have already been sent out to our immediate family and closest friends. We wanted to give everyone the heads-up as soon as we set the date as some of our family members like to book holidays so far in advance, so at least now they know to leave that week free, which has already proved handy as Sam’s dad wants to book a holiday in 2020 as he’ll be celebrating a big birthday, and we kinda need him to be around… so… yeah. Pleased we didn’t hang around with that.

The Details
Oh my Goodness, I’m terrible for the details. I’ve been ordering like crazy and have covered a lot of the “pretty little things” now. I have our cake stand, cake topper, centerpieces and some personalised bits. I also have my veil, tiara, my two pairs of shoes, garter and bouquet. I’ve also sorted out some of the favours. There’s still lots left to get, but lucky for us, there’s plenty of time.

There may be still lots left to complete and sort out, but we’re currently giving ourselves a well-earned break from wedding planning, as we’ve had quite a hectic couple of months.
I mean.. 6 days after Sam proposed, we had our engagement party, and since then, it’s been all-systems-go, setting dates, paying deposits, viewing the venue, meeting up with vendors, choosing rings and everything. I don’t regret doing it this way in the slightest, as now everything is done, and we have lots of time to save and plan. It’s just the industry, isn’t it? Like, if you’re a perfectionist, like I am, and you have this vision of your wedding day, and you already have an idea of what you want, who you want, etc… you’re then automatically put under all this pressure to book everything incase someone else takes your date. It really is “you snooze, you lose” It’s been very fast-paced, but not stressful. We’re really happy with everything we’ve chosen so far and our day is gonna be bloody awesome! *I know I’m biased, but every bride thinks their wedding is gonna be the best day ever, so.. don’t get any ideas. No helicopter entrances, no fire-breathers or anything extra like that…*
We gave ourselves the deadline to have all the big stuff booked in by Halloween and all the communication and loose ends tied up by the end of November, and we’ve been bang on target with everything.
We wanted to be able to enjoy Halloween together, as every year, we do something nice to celebrate the day we met, and we always go to see fireworks together somewhere and enjoy this time of year. We wanted to do all that without the early-wedding-planning-stress. We’re now counting down to Christmas and it’s a special one this year as it’s the first Christmas in well over 5 years that I’ll be off, and it’s the first Christmas that me and Sam have been able to wake up together Christmas morning, and fall asleep together Christmas night, so I’m determined to make it a special one for us this year. We’re totally broke, as every penny we have is being spent on our wedding, but I honestly don’t care. To be able to spend a whole Christmas with my family is the best present I could ever wish for. People who have every Christmas Day off really don’t know how lucky they are.
We have big New Year plans too, as we’re off to London to see the fireworks at the London Eye, so you never know, you might see us on TV. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do just once, and we both said we’d never wanna go once we have young children, so might as well do it while we still have the chance.
After New Year will come my birthday, Valentine’s day and our 4 year anniversary all within a few months, so we’ll be doing little bits of wedding planning in between all that, but there’s no way we’re gonna miss out on all the other awesome reasons to celebrate. That’s the beauty of choosing a 2020 wedding date. At the end of the day, we have the rest of our lives together, and we only get one wedding day, so I wanna make it the best it can be. It’ll be worth the wait.
Wedding Wednesday posts will soon be moving to fortnightly rather than weekly, as I doubt there will be much to update that frequently for a while. We’re expecting everything to calm down a lot now. A lot of what happens between the booking of everything and the actual day is the more “behind the scenes” kinda stuff… like, working our arses into the ground to actually pay for all this stuff. LOL!

Time for a nice, festive glass of Baileys while wrapping presents and listening to some Christmas music, I reckon.
I bloody LOVE IT!

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