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Wedding Wednesday - Our First Christmas Engaged - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Our First Christmas Engaged

I’ve always loved Christmas. I’m such a big kid, it’s unreal. I can never sleep the night before Christmas, and every year, I’m up at all hours, always whispering in Sam’s ear trying to get him to wake up earlier than he’d choose to.. because I’m so excited.

We always try to plan how Christmas is gonna play out months before we need to, as often it’s difficult to see family, or one of us is working difficult shifts, etc.. so, it does take a little planning, so once we figured out the plan for this year, and realised that this was my first Christmas in so many years that I wouldn’t be working on Christmas Day, and that we would finally be able to have one Christmas where we would fall asleep together Christmas Eve night, wake up together Christmas Day morning, spend the whole day together and fall asleep together Christmas Day night.. that we wanted to make this Christmas really special for us.
This year was our fourth Christmas together, and we’re now used to working both of our family traditions into our own Christmas, but we wanted to start our own Christmas traditions too, in preparation for our own little family, in a couple of years time.
Currently, our Christmas traditions begin with me and my mum doing some baking together on Christmas Eve. We always make jam tarts, mince pies, chocolate log cake, cookies, biscuits and some savory stuff too, like Sam’s favourite – my mum’s bacon and cheese twists. I’m hoping that when we have children, we can continue the tradition… however, considering how much I suck in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing baking round nanny’s house so she can supervise, as I’m pretty sure I’ll burn the house one year. Hahaha!
Once the Christmas Eve baking had been completed this year, Sam finished work and we drove round to Sam’s sister’s house for a Filce family tradition. Sam’s dad came up with it a few years ago. He always gets special cookies and chocolate coins for the kids and all the family sit in a circle round the room, eat cookies and take turns reading a page of the story “The Night Before Christmas”. All phones are away, and everyone is quiet and just enjoys that little moment together, reading the story. It’s actually magical, and warms my heart every year. As the older two are now confident little readers, and there’s another two very little munchkins to read to, the next few years will be so lovely to carry that tradition on. And, we’ll be bringing our future little munchkins round too, so the tradition will continue for years and years to come.
Once the kids were settled and ready for bed, we returned home to have our own Christmas Eve evening. Sam and I thought we’d introduce a new tradition. Our good friends Aarron and Nicola told us how they give each other a Christmas Eve box, full of fun presents, snacks and cute little bits that can be used on the evening of Christmas Eve.. like hot chocolate, sweets, Christmas pyjamas, slippers, socks, etc. We thought it was a lovely idea so we bought Christmas Eve treasure chest style boxes and filled them with little gifts for each other.
Die Hard is our favourite Christmas movie, despite some people saying that it doesn’t count as it’s not a Christmas movie… however, those people are WRONG because it totally is a Christmas movie.. so we put that on and watched John McClane kick ass while drinking hot chocolate and eating our snacks.
We really enjoyed making our Christmas Eve special mixing our current family traditions with a couple of new ones of our own.
We fell asleep together, but as predicted, I didn’t sleep very well. I was waking up every hour, and trying really hard to go back to sleep, but couldn’t settle, and eventually gave up trying to sleep at 05:00am. I was very good and let Sam sleep until 06:00am, and then woke him up, first of all by lots of pecky “I want attention” kisses, but when that didn’t work, I tried poking and prodding him, but I just got groaned at and he mumbled something… so, then I resorted to pretty much jumping on the bed.. which worked quite quickly. Thankfully, otherwise we’d probably be asking Santa for a new bed too… lol!
We opened our presents to each other, got dressed and raced round to Sam’s sister’s house to see the kids open their presents. It’s mayhem, but it’s bloody brilliant. Honestly, it’s true what they say.. there’s nothing like having kids around at Christmas. These kids aren’t my own, but I love them like they are, and it’s honestly magical watching their excitement. There really is nothing like it, and I can’t wait to experience such excitement when we have kids of our own.
Christmas Day worked out really well. We spent time with the kids and had fun with them, playing with toys, setting things up, etc.. then visited my parents mid-morning and spent a few hours with them, then returned to Sam’s sister’s house for a wonderful Christmas dinner. Everyone had the best time. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. Sam’s family have welcomed me in as one of their own from day one, and I couldn’t wish for better in laws.
Once we had finished dinner and relaxed a little, we returned home to spend our first Christmas Day evening together, which was lovely. It was just so nice to not have to rush off to work. We got into our pyjamas, ate some snacks and played Friends Monopoly. Sam really loves Monopoly. i was never really a “board games” kinda kid growing up, so I never really played games after Christmas dinner.. so, another one of our own traditions is to play at least one board game after dinner. This year, we played Monopoly, but we might play either Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit or something different next year, to mix it up a bit.
I lost, as usual, but it was nice to play the game and share the time together. Sam had to be up quite early for work this morning, and it had been such a long day, so we snuggled up in bed with some snacks and put the TV on, and fell asleep watching Top Gear.
It really was the most amazing Christmas, and it was so nice to be at home.
It was our first Christmas as an engaged couple, but it didn’t feel any different. It’s just so exciting, as in a few days time, we’ll be in 2019, and at that point, I can finally say “I’m getting married next year.” The only thing with choosing a date in 2020 has been that people seem to look at the date as “so long away yet” so I guess it kinda stunts the excitement of everyone else a little.. because as much as we’re working our arses off to plan this day, no-one else is really gonna be any kinda part of it until at least summer next year, so I’m hoping that as we go into the new year and we re-start our wedding planning, that knowing that it’s “next year” rather than “almost two years away…” will appear like it’s getting closer. I mean, we have to give notice of marriage next summer, so.. I think after that, it’ll all feel very, very real. Next Christmas will be the weirdest one – my last Christmas as Miss Betts. …I’m so excited about getting married, and I’m happy to take Sam’s name, but I can’t help but feel that little bit emotional. A name doesn’t change anything.. I’ll always be a Betts underneath everything, but.. it’s a huge change, so it’ll take a lot of getting used to. Especially things like changing my signature, or filling out forms.
This Boxing Day, I’ll be at my parents house with my brother coming too, and we always have a laugh, so I’m sure we’ll have fun. Sam’s working all day, as it’s one of the busiest days of the year for him, but we’ll have a nice evening together later. And then tomorrow, I’m off to London with Sam’s dad as we’re surprising the kids with a Christmas present – Sam’s dad is taking them to see Walking With Dinosaurs in London, and I’m going too. 😀 Well excited!!!
And then New Year’s Eve, we’ll be spending out in London watching the fireworks, so there’s still loads going on and so much fun stuff to do.

Hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas, with love from the future Mr and Mrs Filce. 😉 xxx

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