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Wedding Wednesday - We're Getting Married Next Year!! - The Filce Family

Life, love and everything in between.

Wedding Wednesday – We’re Getting Married Next Year!!


Sooooo… I can finally say it.
Hahaha! Aw I’ve been waiting ages to say that!

First of all, a happy new year to you all! I hope you all had a great time welcoming in the new year. We had the best time watching the beautiful fireworks display at The London Eye. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, and the display was absolutely out of this world, so we’re so pleased that we were able to go. It’s an experience we’ll never forget.

Welcome back to my Wedding Wednesday posts! I really thought I’d be able to kick off the new year by getting into proper wedding mode and sorting everything out in a super-organised fashion, like I seem to have built up quite a reputation for.. lol.. but I have to be honest.. I’ve kinda not been as “on the ball” as I thought I would be. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’re still totally on schedule. Everything’s covered and we’re just counting down the days quite happily.. but.. there isn’t really all that much we can be getting on with at the moment.
I mean, there’s still the odd thing to book.. nothing major, as everything major is already booked, but stuff like the wedding cars, and a couple of extra bits for the reception are still left to book, but we’re in no rush to start looking into all that kinda stuff yet. We were told a few months ago that it was too early to book the wedding cars for 2020, which is understandable, so we’re just looking around for ideas, and focusing our attention on working hard in order to pay for it all. LOL.
We do have an appointment with our venue dresser in a couple of weeks time to look around the venue so she can get a vision of what’s gonna go where, and what we’re looking for from the venue decoration, etc. I’m gonna put a little folder together.. kinda like a Pinterest board but a hard-copy. It’ll include everything we’ve booked, all the decorations that we’ve decided on and the plans for the day in a little booklet that she can take away, if she wants to. I wanna include everything about our wedding in it for her, so that she can really grasp a feel of the vibe we’re looking for, so she can find her own inspirations of how to really bring our day to life. We’re really looking forward to that.

You’ll notice that the blog has now changed it’s name from “Pretty Penny” to “The Filce Family”. Back when I first started writing this little blog, I had no idea where I really wanted to go with it, and what it was really gonna develop into. I tried a few different things with it in the early days, but I decided that I mainly wanted to keep it for ourselves as just a way of documenting our life together, what we do, the adventures we go on and how I felt about love, life and everything in between. …I didn’t think for a second that people would actually wanna read it. LOL. I really wanted to have a place on the internet where we could go to, to literally look back at our life.. remember how it all began, and how in love we’ve always been, when we’re old and losing our marbles.. a place where our grandkids could go to see old diary entries and photos of their grandparents, so they can see how happy we’ve always been, and look upon us as an example of true love.. reminding them that it can and does exist.
Also, because, as I’ve said before, without going too far into it, my life hasn’t always been as amazing as it is now, and it’s lovely to be able to show people that you can go through some really dark days, and still manage to find your “happily ever after”. I like to think that those who are feeling like they’re not sure they’ll ever find happiness can find inspiration and hope within the things that I write that you never know what’s around the corner, that looking for love never works and it’ll find you when it’s ready, and that the world will always find a way to bring you the happiness that you deserve, one way or another.
If I can bring positivity and happiness to just one person, that makes it all worth it to me.
So, two huge fingers up to those who may believe that I write this blog because I think people are “so interested in the in’s and out’s of my life” because you obviously don’t know sh*t about me or my life and unless you do, you should STFU and GTFO. 🙂
In 18 months, I’m gonna become “Mrs Filce” and we’ll become “The Filce Family” and as this blog has become more about us, the wedding and future family life, it makes sense to rebrand it to be more family-orientated. I’ll still probably be doing most of the writing, however as Sam’s post last month was quite popular,  and lots of you seemed to enjoy it, he may take over the blog at some point too.
We’ve rebranded the blog and all the blog social media channels so that everything matches, including Facebook, our new Instagram and we’ve also made a new YouTube channel, as next month, I’ll be launching our first YouTube video for our wedding series! I’m really excited about it, as it’s another way to document the lead-up to our big day. As much as we do still wanna keep a lot of the final plans to ourselves for now, it’ll still be nice to talk about the proposal story, engagement party, what’s in my bridesmaid boxes, hen party plans, decoration hauls, etc, so feel free to click this link and subscribe to our new channel to keep up to date with all that fun stuff.
We’re not gonna be taking it too seriously or anything like that.. it’s really just for us, and whoever decides that they wanna come along on our journey with us. 🙂

There really isn’t much else to update on.. we’ve both been so busy with work and stuff, we haven’t had much time for a lot else.
Wedding Wednesday posts may not be as consistent as they have been. We have lots of other stuff going on, so I may post a few life updates here and there, and perhaps when the wedding series goes live, I’ll write a blog to go alongside it each time I upload.
I’m feeling great about the next 18 months… I just wish there wasn’t so much time inbetween now and then. Like.. people say it’ll fly by, and I’m sure it will. I mean, it definitely doesn’t feel too long away when you think there’s only 18 paydays in that time… yeeeeah, let’s not think about that actually, because that’s quite frightening. LOL… but y’know.. just wish we could be getting on with stuff.
I suppose, the next really big step to look forward to is giving notice of marriage, which we can’t do for another 6-7 months.. so.. that’s the next big thing to count down to.  
Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying January and all the fun it brings.. don’t forget to wrap up warm as we’re apparently supposed to be getting snow over the next few weeks.
And, if we do.. I don’t care what happens, how ill I get or anything.. we’re taking some kickass engagement photos in the snow!


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