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Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Planning Update - 6 Months In! - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Planning Update – 6 Months In!

We’ve been engaged almost 6 months now, and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown! We’ve been so busy, the time has raced past in the blink of an eye. I’m so thankful that we got the bulk of the wedding stuff done towards the end of last year, as so far this year has been so busy, I dread to think how stressful it would have been trying to get it all done in a shorter space of time.
One of the main questions I’m asked at the moment is how I’ve done it all so fast and kept everything stress-free… the key to it is time. Give yourself time. Unless for some reason, you’re in some kinda rush to get married, you have all the time in the world. You have literally the rest of your lives.. so, why rush, y’know? Your wedding day doesn’t even need to be that far away, as long as you give yourself enough time to plan your perfect day between now and the date you’ve chosen, it will all be fine.
So, what’s been happening and where have we got to? Well.. we’re pretty much done with all the big stuff now. In my last post, I remember saying there was only a few things left to book.. and now we only have three things left that we wanna book in, but we can’t do any of them now until closer to the time, so we’re right on schedule.
I remember saying that the beginning of the year is always quite busy for us, as we have lots of family birthdays, anniversaries and occasions straight after Christmas right round until April, so we wanted some time away from wedding planning to be able to spend time celebrating all the important stuff with family. It was my birthday too, and we had some time off together to celebrate that (we went to London to watch the Chinese New Year parade. It was beautiful! Watch my birthday vlog here!) .. and we celebrated Valentines Day together too, enjoying a day / evening full of romance, love and all the other soppy stuff.
So yeah, we’ve been very busy with all that stuff, and we knew we would be, so we’ve been taking a backseat from wedding stuff for a while.. just sorting out little things that pop up every now and then, without it being a big deal.
While we were off for a week celebrating my birthday, we had a lookaround a local hotel that will be perfect for my bridesmaids and I to spend the night before our wedding in. That’s always been the plan… I’ve always wanted my bridesmaids and I to be able to spend the night before the wedding in a hotel, having a proper slumber party sleepover.. drinking prosecco, having a pamper night, etc. I wanted to be with all my girls the night before, then be able to get ready the morning of the wedding all together, do the bridal prep stuff and everything there, so it’ll give our photographer / videographer a nice space to get some cool photos / footage and stuff. Being photographers, we looked around with that kinda thing in mind. It’s really nice. The girls are gonna love it. I’m not gonna show photos or anything yet, as I’d like to surprise them, so you’ll just have to wait until the “after the wedding” posts to see it. 😉
We’ve been to a few wedding fayres now.. we went to Birmingham last year for the National Wedding Show, then we visited one a little while ago at Chelmsford Racecourse, then another little local one the other day. We like to go to as many as we can, even though we’ve already booked everything we want, just to see if there’s anything we’ve missed, or if there’s any ideas that we haven’t already considered. …There never is. lol! I did have a chance to have a chat with our venue dresser when we visited the local one though. She’s awesome! It’s weird.. because we’ve been planning it for so long, we have a picture in our head of how our day is gonna look and everything.. and when other people talk about our day, and have the same picture.. it’s so weird. It makes it feel so much more real. It’s really exciting when other people that are involved speak about your day and share your excitement.
So, what’s next? In March, the to-do list involves updating the budget spreadsheet (and probably having a mini freakout in the process… lol!) having the invitations designed, updating our wedding website and finally getting round to filming the first few videos for the wedding series. I know it’s taking ages, and I apologise for that… those who know us will know that we’ve recently updated our camera equipment and we’re still getting used to all that new stuff, as well as life, work, etc.
And.. I’ll be really honest here, talking on camera is HARD WORK. lol… it’s taking me quite a while to get used to, because although I am such a confident person, as soon as I put that camera on, I get tongue-tied, I fluff my words, I laugh, giggle and actually feel quite silly. I’m told that’s normal, and that I’ll get past that.. but, when you’ve got a mountain of work to do, putting the camera on, recording a video just to have to cut it to pieces and edit most of it out isn’t really first on my “to-do” list right now. lol. I will get past it, because it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, as documenting our future for our future family is the whole point of me doing any of this, so I will get to grips with it and get on with it.. but, it’s definitely not as easy as you’d think. I have a few videos planned though, and I’m hoping that the more I do, the less awkward I’ll feel and it’ll start to come more naturally.
We’re also gonna be working on more vlogs throughout the year too, but because of how busy life is and all that stuff, we won’t be doing “daily” or “weekly” vlogs.. it’ll be more documenting when something interesting is happening, or if we’re going out for the day, etc.
So yeah, back to wedding stuff… looking through our checklist, there isn’t really much else we can be getting on with at the moment. The big stuff is booked, the little stuff is bought… we still have to get suits, bridesmaids dresses, decorations, etc.. but, we’re gonna work on one project a month. During the summer is when we’re gonna start on our DIY projects, as we’ll be able to be outside to do painting, spraying, gluing, sticking and all sorts of other fun, crafty stuff. I know there’s two fairly big projects that Sam wants to work on outside for the wedding.. but he’s been told we have to finish last year’s project first… the garden. LOL… we got it just about presentable to hold our engagement party, but then it got quite cold quite quickly, so we never actually finished it. So come April / May kinda time, we’ll get out there and finish it before we start on the wedding stuff.. hopefully.
The plans are really starting to come together and we’re starting to think more about timings for the day now. Because of the way we’re choosing to do it, we have a lot of freedom to run the day pretty much however we want to, with no time restrictions or anything like that, so it’s mainly making sure that everything’s covered with enough time. Our ceremony shouldn’t last longer than half an hour, then we’ll allow enough time to have some time alone with our photographer, and make sure our guests get fed and watered while all that’s going on, then do speeches and toasts.. gotta work out what time we wanna do cake and first dance, all that shadoodle, so we’ll get onto that within the next couple of weeks.
A few people I know got engaged Christmas / Valentines Day, and it’s quite nice when they ask me for advice on where to start with wedding planning. I feel quite honoured that they feel I have something to say worth listening to. Haha. I’m just winging it though.. I’ve helped friends plan their weddings before, so I guess I already had a bit of a head start.. and I’ve been planning ours for years, which helped a lot too. LOL. To be honest I think every bride is just winging it, and hoping for the best.
The only thing I’m really feeling anxious about is things going wrong that are out of my control. For instance, the weather. Now, I know that I’m not gonna give a flying cupcake on the day whether we have rain, hailstones, storms or a damn hurricane out there. I won’t care.. but the lead-up to it, I’m gonna be checking my weather app every 5 minutes. I’m gonna be freaking out because I can’t be at the venue checking everything looks perfect on the morning of the wedding, I can’t be making sure our guests are comfortable and happy and stuff like that… and I know how silly that is, but when you’re a self-confessed control freak and you have no choice but to trust that other people are gonna be able to make everything perfect.. it’s hard, y’know? That’s why I think it’s important to have a good relationship with your photographers, videographers, venue dressers, venue organisers and everyone else that’s a part of your special day. They’re keeping your one wedding day in their hands.. so, you have to trust that they’re gonna be able to give you the day that you want. I apologise to everyone because of how “fussy” I am… as I always try to give as much detail as possible to those who are part of our day, so that they have as much information as possible, and no-one ever minds.. I guess they come across this kinda thing a lot.. but.. I’m very aware that this is our one and only wedding day. We can’t cut and re-take it, so it’s gotta be everything we’re ever gonna want it to be.
As long as I’m marrying him, it’ll be perfect. …As long as it doesn’t rain and the centrepieces are straight, of course. 😉
Nah, in all seriousness, I know that a lot of what I’m feeling is normal, but I also know it’s ridiculous. It’s not just with the wedding though.. this is just who I am as a person. I’m the same with anything. I’m very much “no half measures” or “go big or go home”. If you’re gonna do something, you’ve gotta do it right. …The term “extra” has been thrown around when describing me.. and, I guess, if “extra” is the worst they can do, then that’s not too bad really, is it? 😉 But be under no illusion.. our wedding won’t be big, extravagant or over the top. Just a little bit of him, a little bit of me.. and hopefully a day of fun for everyone else. 🙂

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to marry him. I’d marry him tomorrow if I could.

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