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Going Unplugged? - The Filce Family

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Going Unplugged?

You all know me enough by now to know that I have no problem sharing anything and everything on social media… I absolutely love documenting everything about our life, so that we have lots to look back on in the future. The reason I’m making this wedding series on the blog (and eventually on YouTube too) is so that we have as many memories of how we felt while planning this wedding because once our wedding day is over and done with, we’re never getting any of it back. None of it. I’ll never try on another wedding dress. I’ll never have another hen party. I’ll never again be a “bride”.. and, that’s fine, y’know.. sure I’m gonna miss it but it’s gonna be so exciting to move on to a new chapter of our lives.. but, looking back and remembering this time of our lives will still be really important to me.
…I just wish no-one had to use their cameras or phones to capture it all for us.

When it comes to phones at weddings, I’m on the fence. On one hand, I want as many photos, videos, etc as possible, and want everyone to be sharing photos of the day. We’ve created a hashtag and hope that people use it so we can see everyone else’s memories. Out of all the tips and advice that other brides have given me, something every single one of them has said, is how fast the day goes, and because they were rushing around talking to everyone, they didn’t have time to take anything in.. and by the time they stopped and just looked around, it was over. I don’t want that to happen to us. I know it probably will.. that’s just the way it goes.. but, I want as many memories from the day as possible, so I’ll be encouraging everyone to take as many photos as they like.
…However… I’m also very conscious of how much money we’re putting into capturing the day professionally. We’ve got an amazing photographer and videographer, who are both bringing second shooters along, so we’re actually gonna have a team of four professionals capturing our day. …And, I don’t want my wedding album to feature photos of my guests with their phones up to their faces, capturing their own shots. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that phones these days have awesome cameras.. and I know that they can fit in your pocket, and they’re very handy and everything else.. but.. I’m not spending almost £5,000 on photography / videography to get an album back that looks a little like this.

…See my point? lol.
I did ask our photographer and videographer how they felt about it, and they both said that they’re pretty used to dealing with these kinda issues, and they just try not to feature too much “phone action” in the shots.. but, I still don’t wanna make life harder for them, so I’m toying with the idea of perhaps making a sign or something with a poem that tells people that they’re welcome to take photos and use our hashtag.. but to be respectful and note that we have a team of professionals that have a job to do, and to try not to get in their way. I just don’t wanna put people off taking their own photos.. so it’s difficult getting that happy medium.

We thought about having an “Unplugged” ceremony, where our guests take no photos at all.. but.. lets face it, with me being a social media whore and Sam being a technical genius, that was never gonna happen, was it? It’s a nice idea and I know it works so well for many couples.. but, when you’ve spent most of your time seeing life through a lens, “living in the moment” just isn’t enough sometimes.
Living in the moment is amazing.. but, sometimes you want a memory of you living in the moment too… like when we saw the northern lights.. or our proposal. We have both of those photos printed and up in our home.. because they’re two of our most amazing memories of us “living in the moment”. lol.

aurora borealis

Truth is, although “unplugging from the world” sounds amazing.. it’s not easy to do when we’re so surrounded by technology. We’re constantly checking in so people always know where we are.. we’re always updating our Facebook status, or taking a quick snap for Instagram. And now you can go live too, and people can watch a livestream of what they want you to see right there and then. *Not gonna lie – a livestream of our wedding would actually be pretty damn cool! lol!*  ..With all this technology around us, and for a couple as reliant on technology as we are, having an unplugged wedding would probably be quite bizarre, for us and our guests.
When you step back and you look at some of these photos though.. you can see that people just wanna get their own shots, for themselves. #forthegram.. etc. That’s cool, as they should have their own story to tell of how they perceived the day… but, their phones are right up to their faces, blocking their reactions of seeing the bride walk down the aisle, the couple’s first kiss, the laughs, the tears.. you can’t see any of it in the professional photos.. because people just wanna take their own photos with their phones.

And if anyone attempts to get in the way when it comes to moments like our first kiss, first dance or cutting the cake, I don’t even care if I’m wearing a wedding dress.. I’ll rugby tackle them to the ground. I’ll welcome all our guests to take photos all day long.. as long as they’re respectful, discreet and don’t get in the way of the pros. lol. I don’t even care if it sounds a bit “Bridezilla-ish”. Perhaps it’s because we’re photographers, and we can see it from the other side.. but, I just hope we can achieve the happy medium of having loads of photos taken by our guests without them being in the way of our team of professionals.. so that everyone gets the shots they want, and we don’t end up with any disaster photos.. like this.

…Go home. LOL!

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