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Wedding Wednesday - A Year Engaged, And Just Under A Year To Go! - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – A Year Engaged, And Just Under A Year To Go!

Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve updated our blog. I’m so, so sorry I just kinda stopped posting. I’ve always been a bit of a workaholic, and things got kinda crazy as I landed my absolute dream job, which is so amazing and I’m absolutely over the moon about that, but I also wanted to keep my other job going for as long as I could. I ended up working 18 hours a day and made myself ill. The last couple of months have been quite difficult while I’ve been trying to keep everything going. Not just work… maintaining our relationship to the standards that we vowed to keep it at hasn’t been the easiest, as for around 8 weeks, we hardly saw each other. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’re as strong as we always have been… It’s just literally been like passing ships, and it has not been easy. It’s made us appreciate the time we have together so much more. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must be for long distance couples. You guys have my heart. Seriously, I can’t even go a few days without seeing Sam. It’s awful.
It’s also been hard to spend time with friends, family and I’ve missed out on countless special occasions, summer evenings with friends, etc because I’ve constantly been working.

But, that’s over now. I have all summer off, and I can finally relax with a cuppa coffee and return to normal life. And part of my normal life these days, is wedding planning.
Where did we leave off… (before my really funny April Fools joke that totally caught some of you out… ;)…) Oh yeah! Unplugged ceremonies. Yeah, so we’ve thought about it and we actually think we’re probably gonna encourage people to take photos before I walk down the aisle. Guests will be welcome to take photos of the room, the groomsmen, Sam, etc… then put their phones away for the big moment. We’ve actually agreed that we’re probably gonna do a “second kiss” before we exit the ceremony, so we’ll have our first kiss photographed and videoed by the professionals, then everyone will be welcome to grab their phones and take as many photos as they want when we do our “second kiss” and grab some photos of us before we exit the ceremony. That way, everyone wins.
Everything is still going really, really well, but I’ve encountered a couple of wedding hiccups along the way. All of which are absolutely fine now, and have been easily sorted, so don’t worry, I’m still a total stress-free-bride, and a Bridechilla, as everyone has now been nicknaming me.

So, what’s been happening since I last posted in March… well, in all honesty, not very much at all, as everything was already booked in and pretty much sorted already. The things we still have left to do haven’t been booked in yet so we do need to tie up the loose ends and crack on booking those, but other than the last few little bits, it’s literally just a waiting game now. We actually took a little break from wedding stuff completely towards the end of spring / beginning of summer and focused our attention on finishing off our garden. It looks beautiful now, and was well worth the time and effort it took.
We gave our notice of marriage, which went really well, and announced our wedding date. For those of you who aren’t following our Instagram and haven’t already heard, we’re gonna be getting married on the 25th July 2020, and were able to celebrate a year to the day by having an amazing engagement photoshoot with our wedding photographer. Can’t wait to see the photos from that. It was so much fun.
I’ve been focusing on some of the DIY projects during the spring / summer months, and have got a lot of the little bits done now. The little touches mean a lot to me, and although there’s gonna be lots going on during the day, and some of the little details may go un-noticed and whatever else, I’ll know that I’ve put the effort in to make it all happen, and that’s what I’m focusing on. We’re trying to work out where things will go in the venue, which is actually kinda difficult as there’s lots that we need to keep track of and it’s difficult to vision everything where it’s gonna be going and how it’s all gonna be happening, but thankfully, there’s lots of time to go to the venue and take lots of photos so we can work everything out.
We actually visited our venue yesterday to measure everything and draw out a plan of the ceremony and reception rooms, and take more photos, so we can bring it home and really think about where things will be going so I can get a list together for our venue dresser and wedding co-ordinator, who will actually be my sister. She’s the only one I’d trust to be just as organised as me. And sadly, I wouldn’t be able to co-ordinate my own wedding. LOL.
We’ve also sent out most of our ceremony guest invitations, and RSVP’s are coming in thick and fast, which is always helpful. We’ll probably send out e-mail reminders closer to the time reminding everyone not to forget about saving the date, as we know we have done it super fast, and normal people don’t send out their invitations until there’s around 6 months to go, but I know how much workplaces can be total dicks when it comes to booking annual leave, so we wanted everyone to have all the info so they can make arrangements to book it off.
We’re sending our reception invitations digitally, to save time, postage, paper and ink. I’m marrying a technical genius – may as well use technology to our advantage. LOL.
We’ve also been looking closely at our wedding budget and have been working out what needs paying off and when, and all that fun stuff. It’s gonna be a tough year when it comes to everything else, like Christmas, birthdays, etc, because of everything we want for the wedding, it means that we’re gonna have to make a few sacrifices. But that’s ok. We’ll have quite a few Christmasses and birthdays to spoil each other, but we only get one wedding, so we can deal with that.
But we’ve worked out a plan of how we’re gonna split the cost of living with the cost of the wedding, and we should hopefully have majority of the wedding paid for beforehand, which is great. Budgeting is always a worry because you know that however much you try to stick to it, you more than likely won’t, so you just need to try and make sure you don’t get in too deep and wrapped up in all the bells and whistles and unneccessary bits and pieces. …It’s too late for us but save yourselves!!
Another thing that we started the ball rolling on was bridesmaid dresses. Now, this is where we had a bit of a hiccup. I had set my heart on a certain dress by a particular designer. I looked into it last year just after we got engaged, bookmarked the dress online so I knew what I was looking for, and researched locally where they had the dresses in stock, so it would be as simple as getting my wedding dress was. Just booking an appointment, trying on the dresses, paying for them and bringing them home. Which would have worked absolutely fine, if the company that makes the dress hadn’t gone into liquidation last year. …I know, right… I was gutted. When you set your heart on something, and all of a sudden someone says to you that although you budgeted and planned perfectly, you still can’t have it, I wasn’t too happy. But, luckily Sam was off that day and we got straight online and worked together to find a solution. We did manage to find the original dresses, but it would mean having them shipped over from the USA. The dresses, shipping and customs cost would have taken each dress over £300 each to arrive here safely, and I need 4 of them, so we’re looking at over a grand on bridesmaid dresses alone. That’s just not something we could do, so we began looking for alternative dresses. Sam managed to find a dress that was very similar to the dresses that I had chosen, and we even went shopping at Lakeside to try and find an alternative dress, but there was just something really special about the dresses that I set my heart on. I got the same feeling about those dresses as I did when I chose my wedding dress, and those who have been that situation will know, that when you set your heart on it and find YOUR dress, nothing else even comes close. And that’s how I felt.
I wasn’t stressing, as we had a backup dress that still looked very beautiful, so I went to a local bridal shop with my niece Stephanie with a clear mind and we spoke to the ladies in the shop, and we came up with a plan that we could make custom dresses to be very similar to the dresses that were no longer avaliable, but tweak them a little to our own personal needs, so for example putting corset backs in rather than zips, and having the chiffon top layer going all the way around the dress rather than just at the sides, etc…
So I’ve left them with colour swatches of the exact colours of the dresses that we’ll need, and we’re gonna get the ball rolling and order the fabrics as soon as possible.
It was really excellent service, and I’ll definitely be sharing details of everything and all the help they gave us after the wedding, because they really were amazing and have taken a weight off of our mind.
We shall have the bridesmaids dresses of our dreams, and my Cinderellas shall all go to the ball!

I think that’s all that I’ve really needed to catch you all up on. It’s literally been so chilled, we’ve had so much time free to enjoy the summer, spend time with friends, family and celebrate special occasions and anniversaries without stressing about all the stuff that we still need to do. Now, say whatcha like and call me silly for planning so far in advance, but when I’m sitting with a glass of wine in the hot tub without a care in the world, I know I did it right. 😉

We’ll be going to our last wedding fair at Chelmsford Racecourse in September, and hope to get the last of the bits we need booked in there, so no worries on that front.
I’ll update the blog again soon.. when something happens. 🙂 But I expect for a good few months at least, literally all we’ll be doing, is throwing money at our wedding suppliers and vendors, which believe me, is not something I’ll wanna document and remember for the rest of my life. Hahaha!

I’m mainly active on Instagram rather anywhere else online at the moment, so head on over and follow our wedding planning journey by following @thefilcefamily. I update the Instagram story most days, so you’ll get all the latest updates there. <3
Thanks for reading! <3 xxx

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