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Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Worries - The Filce Family

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Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Worries

I’ve loved every second of our wedding planning. Even on the days where there’s been the odd minor hiccup and we’ve had to work a little harder to keep everything running smoothly, it’s always been a pleasure to plan every detail of what we’re sure will be the happiest day of our lives.
But just because I seem to have developed this reputation of being an amazing planner, and a stress free bride, doesn’t mean that I’m not feeling completely anxiety-free about the entire day. I’ve always said that my main worry about our wedding is the stuff that can go wrong. The kinda stuff that you just can’t plan or prepare for, no matter how hard you try.
So, for this Wedding Wednesday’s post, I thought we’d dig a little deeper and I’ll talk about my wedding worries.

1. The Weather
Quite possibly my biggest worry of all, because I have literally no control over it. When we first talked about what we’d want from our day, we thought about having an outdoor ceremony, but lets face it, UK summer weather is completely unpredictable (look at this summer for instance. lol) A large portion of our day needs to be outside, as we’re aiming to have outdoor entertainment, photos and speeches outside, so please keep everything crossed for us.

2. Forgetting something
As much as I’m confident that we’ve covered everything, I am worried that something will go wrong on the day, or someone (most probably me) will forget to do something, or put something somewhere or something. Emotions will be running high and everyone will be buzzing off their nuts, and I just have this feeling that something will be forgotten. Music, decorations, accessories or something. I probably won’t even care on the day, but it is still a worry.

3. Ugly crying
I am a veeeeerrrry emotional person. Y’know when girls are talking as they’re crying and you can’t understand anything they’re saying? Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of doing. LOL. I really hope I can hold it together through my vows and the speeches. One of the reasons we’ve chosen to have such a small and intimate ceremony with very close family and friends is because we’re writing out own vows and we don’t wanna pretty much pour our hearts out infront of everyone we know. So yeah… crying all the way through the day is a huge worry to me. No-one wants to see that. LOL.

4. Dramas
We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our wedding remains drama-free, and I know that during the next year and the events that a year can bring, we may have a few more issues we need to deal with, but whatever happens, we hope that our guests can respect us and our wedding day enough to be civil to the people that they may not normally choose to spend an evening with, and if any altercations do arise, people will be removed from the venue straight away. No bad vibes are ruining my wedding day. End of.

5. Pressure
There’s so much pressure put on the couple while wedding planning. When you start planning, you sit down with a blank canvas and you literally build your own day to be exactly the way that you want it to be. You fill that canvas with everything that’s important to you as a couple, and spend time booking it all in and making sure that everything works together and you’re able to pull everything off the way it’s all supposed to happen. The bigger your day becomes, the more stuff there is to fit together and the more that can go wrong.

6. People pleasing
Kinda connecting to my previous worry… the second you tell someone something that you’re having or not having, they make a judgement about how your day is gonna be. Like, if they don’t like the food you’ve chosen, they’ve already decided they’re gonna have a crap time. (Don’t worry – no-one has said that. Just a hypothetical example. LOL!) And I’m really on the fence as I am a total people pleaser. I’m always the “hostess with the mostess”… everyone loves hanging out at our home because of the cosy and welcome atmosphere our place has, so of course it’s only natural for me to feel the same about our wedding day – the biggest party we’re ever gonna have. Part of me just wants to keep everyone happy, but there’s another part of me that just says “screw it, as long as you and Sam are happy, don’t worry about everyone else.” I just hope everyone’s happy with our choices of food, entertainment, etc and has the best time.

7. First dance
We know you don’t have to have one. We know there’s alternatives. But we are quite a traditional couple, so we’re gonna attempt it. We do wanna have one… it’s just… awkward. LOL. We don’t dance, really. Apart from when we’re just messing around dancing in the kitchen making dinner.. but not really “dancing-dancing”..y’know? And yeah the thought of it makes me nervous. Everyone will be watching… we’ve decided that we’re gonna ask everyone to come and join us during the song, so we’ll only actually be dancing on our own for around 30 seconds I think… but, it counts. 😀

8. Getting ill
My immune system sucks at the best of times. If there’s a cold or some kinda infection going around, chances are I’m gonna get it. I’m prone to summer colds which leave me with ugly coldsores, puffy eyes and a runny nose. Not a good luck for the happiest day of your life. It’s been recommended to me that I start taking vitamins to reduce the likelihood that I fall ill next year. And I do also need to remember to take my thyroid medication, as forgetting to do that as often as I do will not help.

9. Social Media Sharing
May seem silly, but it is a worry as gone are the times of a little bit of mystery and surprise. As much as it would have been lovely for EVERYONE to see me in my dress at the same time, and see what the venue is decorated like, the cake and all the other little surprises for the day, sadly there are gonna be guests that arrive a little later on in the day. During the time between the ceremony and reception, we’d rather our ceremony guests not share photos of our wedding on social media until the evening. After planning this day for as long as we have, I want our reception guests to be just as wowed and just as surprised when they see me in my dress and stuff as our ceremony guests are, and I’d rather people not say “Oh I’ve already seen her dress as —— put a photo on Facebook.” No thanks. LOL.
Guests will be welcome to share all their photos once the evening guests have arrived, infact they’re gonna be pretty much bugged and encouraged to, because we’re hoping to have a “social media wall” where if you take a photo and use our wedding hashtag, a live stream of photos will be appearing on a screen at the venue. (Sam’s a tech genius. What did you expect? lol!) So if you want your picture on the screen, you’ve gotta share it!

10. Money
Not gonna lie, we’ve gone over budget. Of course we have. I think most couples do. Thankfully, we already have a budget plan and have worked out a way that we can pay most of the wedding costs off before the day, which will be amazing. I’d prefer to be able to have it all behind us by the time we get married so we can jet off on our honeymoon without worrying about keeping up with all the wedding bills etc. We literally want to fly away with no worries left, so that’ll be the goal all the way through this year. Weddings are extremely expensive. As much as I’m so happy we’re doing this, I’m also relieved that we’re never gonna have to go through it again. And because of that, it’s gotta be absolutely everything we both want it to be. So, no. We don’t regret spending the amount we’re spending, and no, we don’t regret totally blowing the budget. Because we’re only doing this once. It’s just a shame that everything comes at such a high price when you put the word “wedding” infront of it. But heyho. Such is life.

So, there you are. They’re my 10 main anxieties or worries about our wedding day, and as I’ve been talking to lots of brides to be / newlyweds on various social media platforms, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in my worries and that other brides have had the same worries as I have. Some brides have had to deal with a hell of a lot more crazier issues than I have, so I’m just sitting here with my hot chocolate thanking my lucky stars that I haven’t had half as much crap to deal with as some other brides have.

The countdown is now at 339 days to go, and I’ve been using the summer holidays to sort out the last little bits. I now have my transport booked. (We’re still working on Sam’s….) we have a little surprise booked for the end of the night, and my custom bridesmaid dresses have now been ordered and have the deposit paid on those, so that’s all exciting stuff.

Happy planning!

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