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Let's get married they said... it'll be fun they said.... - The Filce Family

Life, love and everything in between.

Let’s get married they said… it’ll be fun they said….

…So… this year’s been FUN so far, hasn’t it?!
Well, to be honest, the end of last year SUCKED big time for me too, so.. let’s rewind all the way back to last year (lets call it 2019 BC – Before Corona!)
My dad became ill. I don’t really wanna go into too many details because it’s family stuff, it’s personal and all that jazz. But to cut a very long story short, Christmas was overshadowed by hospital appointments, scans, tests and lots and lots of worry. When we finally got through that, and my dad got better, we celebrated seeing out the old year (which was a really hard year anyway) and bringing in what we thought was gonna be the most amazing year ever.
A few days after celebrating new year, my mum was rushed to hospital. Again… very personal, don’t really wanna go into it, but it was a very scary time for all of us. She was kept in hospital. More tests, scans and again, lots and lots of worry. Gradually, she got better and returned home from hospital just in time for my mum and dad’s birthday.
My dad turned 70, it was my mum and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, my brother turned 30 this month, our nephew George was being christened in May, and we had our wedding day and honeymoon in July to look forward to. All fantastic milestones for our family, and we were walking into 2020 thinking it was gonna be the best year ever.
March happened, and the news of the Coronavirus had rapidly hit our screens. From then on, everything kinda happened really quickly and the world went absolutely crazy for a couple of weeks… panic buying, uneccessarily scaremongering, etc. It was just a giant mess.
It still is, to be honest… but.. now that the UK has gone into a partial lockdown and there’s actually some kinda structure in the supermarkets, I’m feeling that although everyone is still feeling very uncertain and frightened about what could be to come, there’s a little less hysteria and panicing about everything now. …Or maybe that’s just me. I don’t know. Haha.

So… the wedding.
The short answer is… we don’t know. We have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA whether we can get married or not.
Is that scary? Yeah. Of course it is. We’ve been planning this wedding for 2 years. The idea that it might be cancelled with less than 4 months to go is very upsetting, scary and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressing about it.
What can I say, I’m only human, y’know?
But, it could have been worse.

Literally, the FIRST thing we did when we started planning was get insurance. Because why would you not?! You think about it… a wedding is the biggest party you’re probably ever gonna have in your life. Even if you try and do it on the cheap, it can still get expensive, and lets face it, none of us have much “spare money” to just throw around, so if you’re spending a fair amount of money on something, you’re gonna wanna make sure it’s protected incase something goes wrong. Like if your photographer goes sick, or your venue burns down… or if there’s a pandemic that threatens to wipe out a fair amount of the population… y’know, little things like that.
So, we’re insured. Which is great- y’know, the pressure’s off us financially and we’re not gonna lose any money.
But.. the “big day” was never what any of this was about for us.In amongst all this craziness and drama are two people that just wanna get married.

We have absolutely no idea what’s gonna happen over the next few weeks or months, but we do know that unless Essex County Council make the decision to postpone our ceremony, we will be getting legally married on 25th July. Even if it is just us, our parents and two witnesses. We want to get married, and if all we can do at the moment is signing the paperwork, then that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.
We’ll just have to hold off and have our blessing ceremony and reception on another date.
We’re obviously hoping that everything will be fine and that we’ll be able to have the day we planned, exactly how we planned it, but at the moment, things are changing so much each day, it’s too difficult to tell what July will bring at the moment.

One thing that I’m very conscious of, is whether social distancing will still be recommended at that time. Obviously the health and safety of all our guests is the most important thing to us.
We’ve decided that if we CAN go ahead, we WILL… however… we’re gonna contact all our guests and tell them that we totally and completely understand if they choose not to come, and we’re also gonna advise that if people are showing any form of symptoms, have been on holiday, or to a big event in the 4 weeks previous to our wedding date, that they remain at home and celebrate with us from afar. We’re thinking of livestreaming our wedding ceremony and reception for those who are not able to attend.
I know it probably seems harsh, but we need to keep our family and friends safe. <3
So yeah, I didn’t really have much of a point while writing this post… I’m working from home and finally found some time to sit down and write something. I just wish it was something more certain. :/
Planning our dream wedding has turned into a total nightmare. …Thank Goodness we had insurance and planned so far in advance, huh? Everything’s pretty much done and ready for us to get married now. So at least I’m not stressing about how I’m gonna go shopping for wedding favours, the dress, the shoes.. or anything else while we’re in lockdown.
All sorted. I might be stressing that we might not even have a wedding, but at least I’m not worried about bouquets, centrepieces or table runners.

…See, told ya it pays to plan in advance… 😉

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